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Tips for Introducing Kids to New Recipes and Dr. Rupy’s New Book Doctor’s Kitchen 3-2-1

One of my favorite mom moments to date happened while on lockdown when I discovered that my boys, now 5 and 8, like flipping through cookbooks as much as I do. A friend loaned us a few of her favorites and I asked the kids to look through and flag any recipes they wanted to make. My heart swelled so much when I saw them there on their bunk beds fully engaged in the cookbooks.They loved this activity and were entertained by it for quite a while, and suddenly we had a bunch of new ideas for what we could make together.


Mini Nests with Chocolate Almond Eggs

We have had such a great response on our 4 Ingredient Sugarproof Creme Eggs that we decided to add another little Easter treat to the mix as well. We hope you like this one too!


Sugarproof “Creme Eggs” (4 Ingredients)

It seems hard to believe, but just 1 Cadbury Creme Egg (UK version) contains 26.5g (over 6.5 teaspoons) of total sugar.


Carrot Cake Pancakes (plant-based, gluten-free)

By Emily


Homemade Vegetable Stock: No waste, no sugar, and no other additives

Many stock cubes and pre-prepared broths have sugar and other additives like MSG in them. By making your own using this easy method, you skip those, save money, reduce waste, and have less to carry home from the store!

Here we will give you the science-backed facts, lifestyle tips, delicious recipes and more sugar-related news you will need to help empower you family to reduce sugar.