Masala French Toast

By Emily


Raspberry and Hemp Heart Frozen Yogurt Bark

Looking for a quick, healthy Valentine’s treat to make with your kids? We did a poll on our Instagram stories asking if your kids like frozen treats year-round and most everyone said yes!

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Parmesan Wafers

Looking for a new, easy snack to add to your rotation? This recipe is so simple– it just has one ingredient. You just bake grated Parmesan cheese for around 5 minutes and turn it into thin, crispy wafers. If your kids like Goldfish or Cheez-it crackers, this is a more nutrient-dense alternative that they may love just as much.


Vegan Fennel Sausage Patties

Ready for some vegan sausages that are delicious AND made with simple whole food ingredients? This super easy recipe allows you to make your own patties and skip the commercial options that are often made with fillers and preservatives.

Sugarproof (65)

Join Michael and Emily to Kickstart a Healthy and Sugarproof 2021 With Our 7 Day No Added Sugar Challenge

Are you feeling like you and your family could use a fresh start and sugar re-set after the holidays and the many months of lockdown?

Check out the Sugarproof blog, where we will give you the science-backed facts, lifestyle tips, delicious recipes and more sugar-related news you will need to help empower you family to reduce sugar.